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Why does my dog

(      insert behavior here    )?

Dogs have been human companions for thousands of years.  We have come to love them and think of them as family.  But do we stop to think about where they come from, why they do the things they do and if behaviors are more challenging because we may not be meeting their needs? 


Becoming Dog Wise  

Our focus is on understanding each individual dog and utilizing basic instincts and natural behaviors as motivation for learning how to live happy, healthy lives together, meeting the needs of the whole family.


Learn Your Dog's Why

To understand your dog, we begin by focusing on your dog's L.E.G.S.

Learning: Is your dog food motivated?  Is play or affection important to your dog?  How long is your dog's attention span? Does movement and activity help or hinder learning?  Knowing how your dog learns can eliminate frustration and support successful training.

Environment:  Discussing your family, activity levels, and expectations can help us create the right environment to meet the lifestyle needs of both your dog and your family.

Genetics Understanding your dog's breed or mix, helps us anticipate instinctual behaviors and work with them rather than against them.  Even if you don't know your dog's breed, certain physical characteristics can point us in the right direction.  Looking at the shape of ears, spacing between the eyes, shape of the skull, length of coat and tail carriage are important indicators of your dog's genetic makeup.

Self:  Your dog's age, medical history, potential past trauma, physical stature all affect why your dog does the things he/she may do.  It's important to have a clear understanding of your dog's physical self to create a plan for success. 

Once we understand your dog's why, our philosophy takes an evidence-based approach using positive reinforcement and rewards-based training to motivate both you and your dog.  Learning, for you and your dog, should be easy, fun and give you the satisfaction of seeing your goals being met. 

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