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Group Classes

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Classes offered "a la carte" style skill -based single sessions.

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Polite Greetings

  • Foundation Skills

  • Calm Focus



Nashville Humane Association

213 Oceola Avenue,

Nashville, TN 37209


Coaching Packages

Pricing varies



After an initial private  consultation, continue building on your dog's skills and solidify new, wanted behaviors


Receive discounts for purchasing and scheduling multiple sessions.


3 session       $375

4 session       $450

5 session       $525

6 sessions      $600


Private Consultations


Spending time getting to know your dog and your needs and expectations helps identify the best approach to learning and coaching styles.  

During the consultation, we discuss the best approach to working with your dog.  

You will receive an email follow-up, reinforcing your goals along with step-by-step instructions for beginning protocols and links to videos, where helpful, will be included. 

*Initial Consultation is discounted for rescue referrals.

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Family Paws

Parent Education

Group Rates Available

Bringing a baby or new child into the home can be an adjustment for everyone! 


Each life stage introduces new and unique challenges.


Become "Dog-Aware" and learn how to prepare your dog for life with children with a Licensed Family Paws Educator. 


Private consultation fees apply. 

Veterinary & Shelter Staff Training

Varied pricing

Hire a Low-Stress Handling and Fear Free Certified Training Professional to coach your staff  on non-invasive, low-stress handling animal care.

Understanding how to handle dogs and cats who may be experiencing fear, anxiety, and stress decreases risk to your staff and clients.


This course offers high level understanding of dog and cat body language, safe animal approach, low-stress effective handling as well as offering step-by-step basic training cues that can be used by staff and volunteers.

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